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Insurance Class Action

Six insurance companies are named in a series of proposed class action lawsuits by lawyers on behalf of thousands of auto-accident victims claiming they were shortchanged hundred of millions of dollars for years.It is alleged that the companies did not pay or...

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Top 5 Mistakes After an Ontario Car Accident

Nobody will wish to be involved in a car accident. It’s a traumatic experience but is important you understand proper Ontario car accident reporting. There’s a logical reason why safety is the utmost priority in putting together road and traffic laws. You want to feel...

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Have You Been In A Motor Vehicle Collision?

An accident that might only happen in seconds can have life-long effects. The financial and emotional stress takes its toll on not just the injured but also that person’s family.According to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics, the year 2016 saw an...

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Beware This Cruel Personal Injury Law

"There are a lot of cruel personal injury laws: caps on pain and suffering, secret deductibles, biased doctors, the list goes on. But, there is one that is the worst of them all: The cap on damages for the loss of family members." Read more in OTLA’s Blog post:...

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New Impaired Driving Penalties Target Drug-Related Offences

New penalties were announced this week in Ontario for drug-related driving offences. The goal of the proposed changes is to balance the use of recreational cannabis with making sure Ontario roads stay safe in advance of the July 2018 date of legalization. Who Do The...

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